What is Holistic Spirituality? :

Ballet Dancer Holistic spirituality is grounded in the acknowledgement that each of us is a spiritual human being. A human spiritual being journeying through life under the gaze of God and in relationship with that God (however an individual "sees" or "understands" God).

It is a spirituality steeped in the development of the person as someone who is called to attend to being a "unity" of body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit - and thus the ongoing movement towards a deeper integration and wholeness upon life's journey.

It is dedicated to seeing the person as a unified whole, a "oneness", rather than a person "divided" by fragmentation or dualism (e.g. body vs. spirit). It is the call to wholeness that we believe is also a call to holiness - and that these two calls are not divided, but really one.

Sunrise Over Ocean This understanding might be stated in a question: "To what does God call us?"

As each of us moves toward a greater wholeness/holiness, we are then better able to be in relationship with others, with our world, with our God, and with all of creation.

"What we do not have, we cannot give; What we do have, we are able to give."