Welcome to Wellsprings Outreach

All are Welcome at God's Table   -   Hospitality

It is our belief that hospitality is key to the wellness of human beings
To be received and welcomed ... to be offered a safe place ... to be greeted with reverence and respect
We at Wellsprings hope to offer this hospitality wherever desired.
We wish peace and blessings to all.

Welcome. For 17 years, Wellsprings had been a place of renewal/sabbatical opportunities for Christian ministers desiring "time aside" in order to restore balance in their lives. Our programs varied in length: 4 month sabbaticals, week long retreats, weekend workshops, days of recollection, 1 month Sabbaticals
(scheduled at various times of the year ).

Beginning in September of 2004, Wellsprings became an Outreach - wherein we offer Programs in Spirituality "on the road". Retreats, workshops, renewal/sabbath programs can be brought to you in whatever format best fits a group's needs/desires. To see various offerings/ themes/ topics/programs please click on the appropriate links to the left.

Sabbaticals can be designed according to needs of groups/facilities wanting to host such a program. Most of these retreats/workshops will incorporate suggestions for reflection, prayer, journaling, quiet time - along with input and a variety of processes. Scripture, as well as writings from various faith traditions, poetry, film, art, literature, music, etc. will often be used within the programs.

N.B. We are open to discussing other possible topics/themes as well.

Blessings,      Margaret Picha SSND   -   Michael Laratonda FMS